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Simlat's COSMOS 4G delivered to a military customer

Simlat has increased the market footprint with another delivery of COSMOS to a military grade customer. COSMOS 4G is a web-based simulation content generation and integration system. The fourth generation reflects a leap in scalability as well as usability of the product and the initial customer feedback is enthusiastic.

“COSMOS 4G is a complete suite of user-friendly content generation platform for both 3D terrain and 3D entities” said Gal Cohen, Senior Product Specialist at Simlat, “The new COSMOS gives the customer more independence than ever, it uses OGC standard GIS data, provides a multi-user web-based platform, data optimization, advanced material classification and automated “Pattern-of-life” scenarios.

Existing customers already began to take advantage of the new features and extend the usage of the COSMOS system to create training areas of interest independently for mission rehearsal.


COSMOS was launched in 2012, as part of Simlat’s second generation product line in order to support customers in independently creating and integrating 3D simulation content to their simulators. In 2020, Simlat has released it's recent COSMOS 4G edition.

About Simlat Ltd.

Simlat is a leading provider of next generation training systems for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Simlat’s turnkey solutions enable training in various configurations accustomed to any platform, payload and mission that support commercial, civil and military applications. Simlat's systems are available as stand-alone or integrated to autopilots, control stations and exploitation software.

Simlat supports over 150 UAS programs & training centers in 30 countries.

To learn more about Simlat, please visit


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