Simlat delivered Small-UAS Training & Simulation Systems to Prioria Robotics Maveric UAS

Simlat Ltd. has delivered an advanced integrated UAS Simulator to Prioria Robotics. Gainesville, Florida, July, 10th 2014 – Simlat Ltd. was selected to provide an advanced UAS Simulation and Training System to Prioria’s Maveric Small UAS platform. The simulator was integrated and customized to the Maveric control station and includes high-fidelity visuals, environment and scenarios. Simlat's Training and Simulation capabilities enable high-fidelity training for all levels of operators and are easily tailored for various applications including civil operations. Images of the Maveric System (middle) and the customized Simlat INTER 3G simulation systems Yuval Peshin, Simlat's president, says: “