The Full Crew Stand Alone Training System (C-STAR) provides a high full crew training solution for all team members



The Simlat Integrated Training Simulator (INTER) is a system composed of an instructor station connected to a real UAS Ground Control Station (GCS) or Operator Control Unit (OCU) which provides a highly realistic environment, with advanced mission and instructional capabilities


The ISR Multi Purpose Advanced Class Training (IMPACT) is a unique training center which includes a master instructor station and numerous trainee stations for simultaneous training sessions


Simlat Cloud

Simlat Cloud meets the need of organizations and individuals to maintain training programs and objectives in a constantly changing environment.

The high-performance simulation computing runs on the cloud and is accessible by common browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari and Edge). The user can train anywhere and anytime by logging in and executing pre-planned training sessions or just “free-flight” to hone their skills

Simlat Cloud1.png


Photorealistic Dataset Creator for Machine Learning training and validation

Build your own image dataset quickly and automatically
Don’t waste valuable time on manual labeling


Harness Simlat’s photorealistic simulation to create huge and varied datasets Ideal for drone and unmanned systems applications

Fornax includes:

  • User-friendly interface for planning and editing the scene

  • Electro-optic and IR thermal sensors with various effects (frame quality, pixelization, glare, thermal effects)

  • Pre-segmented and labelled 3D entities packages such as civilian vehicles, people, animals, buildings, vegetation and more

  • Environment simulation including clouds, time of day, shadows, haze and precipitation

  • Realistic 3D environments such as desert, urban, snow, maritime, jungle, airports and more for various applications such as UAS and UGV payload detectors and tickers, Counter UAS systems, maritime systems

  • Fornax can be customized to specific use cases and output formats (image and metadata)



The Takeoff and Landing Immersive Simulation (TALIS) system uses Virtual Reality (VR) Head-Mounted-Display (HMD) to offer a realistic training experience for VLOS pilot operation training


POLARIS – End to end simulation for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

Simlat’s POLARIS provides simulated UAS traffic at scale, simulating the behavior of a “rogue” or malfunctioning UAS while also generating the clutter made by thousands of automated flights.

POLARIS includes integration to UTM frameworks and solutions, autopilots, radars and ADS-Bs.

* Includes AgentFly Technology 



The PANEL Performance Evaluation module automatically analyzes simulation data to evaluate trainees’ performance and summarize it in rich and graphic reports.



COSMOS is a user-friendly framework for the design, compilation, testing and deployment of simulation-ready 3D content, with a simple, streamlined process. End users can create their own training areas and 3D entity models, and integrate them in Simlat simulators, independently