The Full Crew Stand Alone Training System (C-STAR) provides a high full crew training solution for all team members



The Simlat Integrated Training Simulator (INTER) is a system composed of an instructor station connected to a real UAS Ground Control Station (GCS) or Operator Control Unit (OCU) which provides a highly realistic environment, with advanced mission and instructional capabilities.


The ISR Multi Purpose Advanced Class Training (IMPACT) is a unique training center which includes a master instructor station and numerous trainee stations for simultaneous training sessions.



The Takeoff and Landing Immersive Simulation (TALIS) system uses Virtual Reality (VR) Head-Mounted-Display (HMD) to offer a realistic training experience for VLOS pilot operation training.


POLARIS – End to end simulation for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

Simlat’s POLARIS provides simulated UAS traffic at scale, simulating the behavior of a “rogue” or malfunctioning UAS while also generating the clutter made by thousands of automated flights.

POLARIS includes integration to UTM frameworks and solutions, autopilots, radars and ADS-Bs.

* Includes AgentFly Technology 



The PANEL Performance Evaluation module automatically analyzes simulation data to evaluate trainees’ performance and summarize it in rich and graphic reports.



COSMOS is a user-friendly framework for the design, compilation, testing and deployment of simulation-ready 3D content, with a simple, streamlined process. End users can create their own training areas and 3D entity models, and integrate them in Simlat simulators, independently.