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Simlat delivered Small-UAS Training & Simulation Systems to Prioria Robotics Maveric UAS

Simlat Ltd. has delivered an advanced integrated UAS Simulator to Prioria Robotics.

Gainesville, Florida, July, 10th 2014 – Simlat Ltd. was selected to provide an advanced UAS Simulation and Training System to Prioria’s Maveric Small UAS platform. The simulator was integrated and customized to the Maveric control station and includes high-fidelity visuals, environment and scenarios.

Simlat's Training and Simulation capabilities enable high-fidelity training for all levels of operators and are easily tailored for various applications including civil operations.

Images of the Maveric System (middle) and the customized Simlat INTER 3G simulation systems

Yuval Peshin, Simlat's president, says: “We are very glad to work with Prioria and provide our solutions for the capable and robust Maveric system”.

Bryan da Frota, Prioria’s CEO, added: “As the UAS market continues to expand, simulation will be a key training tool. Partnering with an innovative company like Simlat allows us to continue to add value for our customers. Now, one of the most advanced UAS systems in the world is also one of the easiest to train on. ”

About Simlat-UAS Training:

Simlat Ltd. is a leading provider of next generation training solutions for unmanned vehicle systems (UAS) and for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). Simlat’s turnkey training solutions enable training for any Platform, Payload and Mission, in various operational configurations applying for Commercial, Civil or Military applications. Simlat's systems are available as stand-alone or embedded/integrated to legacy control stations, as well as generic or customized solutions, and are in service in over 20 countries.



To learn more about Simlat, please visit

About Prioria Robotics:

Prioria Robotics is a Gainesville, Florida based developer of small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems and related technologies, most notably the Maveric, a breakthrough composite carbon fiber UAV. Prioria also provides engineering solutions for industrial and ground robotics, medical device manufacturers, homeland security applications and other cutting edge commercial products. Prioria utilizes the underlying technologies and components of its unmanned systems to provide solutions to an assortment of other complimentary markets. We continue to innovate through the development of new products and the underlying embedded technologies that power them, and we seek to drive forward a vision that a smarter system is more useful, more efficient, and most importantly, makes our customers’ lives easier. We are proud to deliver high-tech products and services to civilian and commercial markets and to our nation’s military.


Ashley Becan


To learn more about Prioria:

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