Simlat unveils the COSMOS System – 3D Modeling & Terrain database generation, GIS and management

Simlat Ltd. has released the COSMOS System - 3D Modeling, 3D Terrain database generation, GIS and management suite for general use, after delievries to select customers in 2013-2014. January, 25 th 2015 - Simlat Ltd. has unveiled the COSMOS System. The COSMOS meets the need of some simulator users to create specific 3D training areas and 3D models without a contactor or supplier in the loop. COSMOS allows the end user to create the 3D content locally and independently. the COSMOS is a user-friendly framework, based on proven workflows, for the design, compilation and testing of simulation-ready 3D content, and for deploying it onto the training system with a simple, streamlined process. The