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Purdue University UAS to deploy Simlat UAS Traffic Management (UTM) simulation

Purdue University UAS Program has recently purchased and deployed a POLARIS system - Simlat’s simulation for UAS Traffic Management (UTM) along with Simlat’s C-Star UAS Simulator.

“We are excited to partner with Simlat and incorporate this innovative technology into our UAS program” said Dr. Damon Lercel.

Simlat’s POLARIS provides simulated UAS traffic at scale, simulating the behavior of “rogue” or malfunctioning UAS while also generating the clutter made by thousands of automated flights. POLARIS includes technology from Agentfly Technologies.

The UAS flight simulation is based on C-STAR, which provides the training environment for building the skill set required for modern UAS operation. It supports basic to advanced training from routine operations such as takeoff and landing, through advanced piloting skills like safe recovery in emergency, and up to mission training in various applications like First Responders, Wind farm inspections and more.

“This technology will provide students a safe environment to learn and explore UAS air traffic operations, develop and test various emergency scenarios, and experience future UAS applications through virtual reality”, added Lercel.

About Purdue: Purdue University is a land grant-university dedicated to learning, discovery, and engagement. The School of Aviation and Transportation Technology is home to seven undergraduate majors, including Professional Flight Technology, Aviation Management, Aeronautical Engineering Technology, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Aerospace Financial Analysis, all leading to a B.S. degree. Students may also pursue M.S.’ M.S. online and Ph.D. degrees. The Professional Flight, Aviation Management, and Aeronautical Engineering Technology programs are professionally accredited and are nationally recognized for educating graduates who become successful leaders in a wide variety of aviation, aerospace, and space careers.

About Simlat: Simlat is a leading provider of next-generation training systems for any UAS and drone platform, payload and mission.

Systems made by Simlat have been used in over 120 UAS programs in more than 30 countries.

Simlat technology has been integrated to various ground control stations, autopilots and protocols like MicroPilot, Pixhawk, MAVLink, VCSi, MissionPlanner, UgCS, INEXA, and ADS-B to name a few.


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