Simlat UAS Training Systems selected by ING Robotic Aviation for a New Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Opera

Simlat was recently selected to provide its Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Training systems, including the C-STAR and SPOT systems, to support Canadore College’s new UAV operator’s course in North Bay, Ontario Canada. Ontario, Canada, 02 September, 2013 – Simlat UAS & ISR Training & Simulation systems will be part of the first UAV operator’s training program in Ontario, Canada, conducted by Canadore College. Curriculum design and training system recommendations were provided by ING Robotic Aviation. ING Robotic Aviation will also be providing instructors for the course. From top to bottom: images of ING Robotic Aviation UAS and from Simlat’s Synthetic Environment Simulation System Yuval Peshin