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Simlat launches new Virtual Reality Simulator for UAS operation in Visual Line of Sight (VLOS)

The immersive, high-fidelity VR simulation is ideal for training applications where short-range visual line-of-sight operation is required, either according to regulation and safety procedures or by the UAS standard operation.

Simlat TALIS provides realism and flexibility that enables training for demanding flight and safety circumstances that are very difficult to encounter in standard training.

Simlat announced that the new capability would be launched at the Xponential 2023 conference in Denver. AUVSI/Xponential 2023, Denver, Colorado

About Simlat Simlat is a leading provider of next-generation Training Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Simlat’s systems provide a compelling UAS training experience that boosts performance and safety while dramatically decreases risk and expenses.

Simlat’s high-end simulation products have been in service throughout the world in over 150 UAS and drones programs.


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