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Simlat Introduces high-fidelity simulation for UAS based Utility inspection

Simlat has developed capabilities of high-fidelity simulation for UAS-based utility inspection.

March 10th, 2015 - Simlat has developed high-fidelity simulation capabilities for UAS-based utility inspection . Utilities such as power lines, wind turbines, water, oil and gas pipelines, solar cell installations, antenna towers, railroads, etc. may be simulated, down to the finer details.

This investment is part of Simlat’s commitment to Simulation of UAS Civil Applications and keeps Simlat at the forefront of demanding UAS Simulation Capabilities.

A demo of this capability will be presented by Simlat president at the upcoming CIGRE UAS Workshop in May.


Founded in 1921, CIGRE, the Council on Large Electric Systems, is an international nonprofit Association for promoting collaboration with experts from all around the world by sharing knowledge and joining forces to improve electric power systems of today and tomorrow.

About Simlat

UAS Training: Simlat Ltd. is a leading provider of next generation training solutions for unmanned vehicle systems (UAS) and for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). Simlat's turnkey training solutions enable training for any Platform, Payload and Mission, in various operational configurations applying for Commercial, Civil or Military applications. Simlat's systems are available as stand-alone or embedded/integrated to legacy control stations, as well as generic or customized solutions, and are in service in over 20 countries.



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