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Simlat introduces the GATE module – UAS Maintenance simulation-based Trainer

Simlat Ltd. has released an advanced UAS Maintenance Simulation and Training System.

August, 05th 2014 - Simlat Ltd. has released an advanced UAS Maintenance Simulation and Training System. The product provides a user-friendly environment along with highfidelity visuals and behavior of the actual equipment, allowing to train the system maintainers in various scenarios such as faults detection, troubleshooting and checklist procedures.

Yoni Bar On, Simlat's VP Products, says: "We are glad to announce the release of the GATE, which allows maintainers to train on their specific aircraft and its systems via various scenarios and an exciting user experience. The GATE can be portable on a hand-held device or tablet, or alternatively installed in a classroom, such as Simlat’s IMPACT simulation classroom. GATE is good news for organizations seeking to increase their level of proficiency and overall capabilities ".

GATE is another modular addition to the successful line of UAS Simulation products: CSTAR, INTER and IMPACT.

About Simlat-UAS Training:

Simlat Ltd. is a leading provider of next generation training solutions for unmanned vehicle systems (UAS) and for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). Simlat's turnkey training solutions enable training for any Platform, Payload and Mission, in various operational configurations applying for Commercial, Civil or Military applications. Simlat's systems are available as stand-alone or embedded/integrated to legacy control stations, as well as generic or customized solutions, and are in service in over 20 countries.



To learn more about Simlat, please visit

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