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Simlat delivered advanced UAS Payloads Training and Simulation Center to North American customer

Simlat Ltd. delivered an advanced UAS & ISR Training & Simulation Classroom including Instructor station and over 10 Trainee Stations to support a new UAS Payloads Training Center

December, 2013 – Simlat Ltd. has delivered a UAS Payloads Training & Simulation Center for a system integrator in North America enabling high-fidelity Payload Training Capabilities. Trainees will be able to gain experience in operating various payloads and diverse tasks. The training center supports basic training as well as currency training for advanced operators.

The Training & Simulation classroom includes more than 10 student stations and is based on a variant of Simlat’s IMPACT (ISR Multi-Purpose Advanced Classroom Trainer) product, focused on various GEOINT applications. The IMPACT supports frontal instruction, courses and training activities as well as curriculum planning and development and performance analysis of training sessions.

The IMPACT runs a wide range of mission scenarios, allowing students to familiarize with civil and commercial applications of UAS and Imagery Analysis, such as emergencies, adverse weather, infrastructure monitoring, fire-fighting, HLS and agriculture.

Example image from Simlat’s IMPACT System – UAS Power cable inspection

Example image from Simlat’s IMPACT System – Environment simulation

About Simlat-UAS Training:

Simlat Ltd. is a leading provider of next generation training solutions for unmanned vehicle systems (UAS) and for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). Simlat’s turnkey training solutions enable training for any Platform, Payload and Mission, in various operational configurations applying for Commercial, Civil or Military applications. Simlat's systems are available as stand-alone or embedded/integrated to legacy control stations, as well as generic or customized solutions, and are in service in over 20 countries. Contact: Simlat Ltd. Tel: +972-9-9517675 (Office)

To learn more about Simlat please visit

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