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Adacel and Simlat Announce Collaboration

Simlat Ltd., renowned for its cutting-edge UAS training solutions, and Adacel, an industry leader in Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulation and training, has recently announced a mutual collaboration. The initial collaboration will include integration of Simlat’s flagship products, the STAR/C-STAR UAS trainers, with Adacel’s Air Traffic Control in a Box (ATCiB) simulator.

Orlando, Florida, November 28, 2012 – Simlat announces collaboration with Adacel, including integration of Simlat’s STAR/C-STAR (UAS Training Systems) products with Adacel’s ATCiB simulator. This collaboration adds an automated air traffic control environment to UAS simulation, providing a more realistic and immersive training environment for the UAS operators, a most relevant issue as for the integration of unmanned aircrafts into the national airspace. The integrated solution is already being used in various projects, and will be displayed at upcoming events.

Images from Simlat and Adacel systems

“The collaboration with Adacel was a natural move for Simlat,” says Yuval Peshin, Simlat President. “With unmanned aircrafts’ nearing integration to the national airspace, training for all players in this domain is more essential than ever. The C-STAR integration with the ATCiB is the first step toward achieving such training in a high fidelity environment for operators and controllers alike. We are proud to work with Adacel and believe that this initiative will be good for the customers of both companies”.

“The integration of Simlat’s UAS Training systems with Adacel’s automated ATC environment is an exciting extension of Adacel’s technology and will provide a significant increase in training capability for UAS operators.” says Seth Brown, Adacel CEO. “We must recognize that to safely extend UAS operations into any national airspace, UAS operators will need immersive training tools that include a realistic air traffic control simulation. Our collective solution is a natural evolution in the training environment. We are very excited to be working with Simlat on this endeavor”.

About Simlat-UAS Training:

Simlat a leading provider of next generation training solutions for unmanned vehicle systems and for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). Based on extensive hand-on operational experience, Simlat is the right choice for training for every Platform, Payload and Mission. Simlat’s turnkey training solutions include SIGINT, EO/IR and SAR sensors in various operational configurations. Simlat's systems are available as stand-alone or embedded/integrated to legacy control stations, as well as generic or customized solutions, and are in service in over 20 countries.

To learn more about Simlat, please visit


Ms. Nira Streifler Product Manager Simlat Ltd.

Tel: +972-9-9517675 (Office)

About Adacel

Adacel is a leading developer of operational air traffic management systems, speech recognition applications and advanced ATC simulation and training solutions. The Company’s products are widely used throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. Adacel is regularly recognized as a top training and simulation company having received many prestigious awards in recent years.

To learn more about Adacel, please visit


Mr. John Merwin Sr. Director, ATCiB Adacel Systems, Inc.

Tel: 407.581-1524 (Office) JMerwin@Adacel.Com

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