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Innocon and G-Force Launch UAS Training Solution Using Simlat Simulation

Innocon and its Thai partner, G-Force Composites Ltd., have introduced a new highly advanced training solution for the G-Star Tactical UAS, which is in use by the Royal Thai Air Force.

The enhanced solution includes Simlat’s training system, offering high-end UAS simulation.

The training solution presents a customised, turnkey mission simulator for the G-Star TUAS, integrated with the operational UAS console, and providing a highly realistic training setting for G-Star operators.

The purpose of the system is to train novice to expert operators in mission aspects such as flight patterns, payload operation, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and more.

Michael Armon, Innocon’s CEO, says: “The enhanced training solution is another step up in Innocon’s comprehensive customer ILS support. Simlat’s customized trainer allows our customers to prepare for emergencies and diverse mission scenarios in addition to basic operation training, thus reducing certification costs, increasing safety, and yielding high customer satisfaction.”

“Simlat is proud to be selected by such a valued manufacturer as Innocon,” says Yuval Peshin, Simlat CEO. “This selection, along with continuous success in over 20 countries, is yet another indication of users’ confidence in Simlat’s products and their quality.”

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