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Simlat Announces Integration of UAS Training System to VBS2

Simlat Ltd. has announced successful integration of its UAS training system to Bohemia Interactive Simulations' VBS2.

Herzliya, Israel, November 15, 2010 – Simlat Ltd. announces the successful integration of one of its UAS training systems (the STAR) to Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2). The proven integration enables VBS2 users to easily integrate Simlat's high-fidelity UAS simulator into their training sessions.

Users with rich VBS2 scenario libraries are now able to re-use their existing scenarios with the additional edge of having Simlat's high-fidelity UAS simulation in the training arena. The integration also features plugand-play support for NATO compliant RVTs (STANAG 4609).

"Simlat's integration to VBS2 allows both Simlat and Bohemia Interactive Simulations customers to employ a wide range of training technologies from both platforms," says Roy Peshin, Simlat CTO. "The integration enables users to utilize common infrastructures such as synthetic environments, models, and scenarios, all crucial elements in simulation fidelity."

Peter Morrison, CEO of Bohemia Interactive Simulations, said “Bohemia Interactive is excited that Simlat has integrated VBS2 with their UAS simulator, as it further extends the training possibilities of both platforms. Once again, our game-based virtual environment has proven to be a viable complement to a professional military simulation system.”

About VBS2:

VBS2 - Virtual Battlespace 2 - is a fully interactive, three-dimensional training system providing a premium synthetic environment suitable for a wide range of training and experimentation purposes. Developed by Bohemia Interactive Simulations, VBS2 offers both virtual and constructive interfaces onto high-fidelity worlds of unparalleled realism. VBS2 is employed daily by Government organizations worldwide, spanning a range of domains including the military and mining sectors.

To learn more about VBS2, please visit

About Simlat-UAS Training:

Simlat Ltd., an Israeli-based company located in Herzliya, is a leading provider of next generation mission-training solutions for unmanned vehicles systems and for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). Based on extensive hands-on operational experience, Simlat offers training for every UAS Platform, Payload and Mission. Simlat’s turnkey training solutions include SIGINT, EO/IR and SAR sensors in various operational configurations. Simlat's systems are available as stand-alone or embedded/integrated to legacy control stations.

To learn more about Simlat, please visit

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